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Twelve Reasons to Home School Your Children

1. To raise godly children

This is the reason we home schooled our children. While educators forbid any reference to the Christian religion, they push their atheistic worldview (and sometimes a new age or occult worldview) on our children starting in kindergarten. This and the peer pressure that will surround them make a very difficult environment for your child to learn how to confess Jesus in their public life.

Matthew 10:32 ~ Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.

In the high school I grew up in, we were taught a promiscuous sex education. I remember the lady from Planned Parenthood who said something to the effect of, Your parent’s morality is okay for them, but you must make your own decisions about your own life as long as it doesn't hurt anybody. I forget if the woman said this before or after she put a condom on her nose. In most public high schools no boy will ever admit being a virgin. Raised in that environment how can we expect our children to profess a faith in Jesus Christ?

My best friend and I also learned enough in the drug education classes to feel comfortable at our first party where marijuana was passed around. In fact, our education included all the uppers and downers, what they looked like and their street names.

Everyone has heard of the popular self-esteem enhancement program called D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education). Their slogan is DARE to keep kids off drugs. Who could be opposed to this, right? Well according to several studies this program actually increased drug use, for brevity I will quote only two.

In 1998 Dennis Rosenbaum, professor of criminal justice studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago, tracked 1,800 kids who had DARE training, and concluded "suburban students who participated in DARE reported significantly higher rates of drug use … than suburban students who did not participate in the program."

A 1999 study by the California legislative analyst's office "concluded that DARE didn't keep children from using drugs. In fact, it found that suburban kids who took DARE were more likely than others to drink, smoke and take drugs". (Source Biblical Discernment Ministries)

The DARE program was used for more than 18 years though it promoters knew it was a failure, while I believe that it has been revamped, there are similar programs with different names; however, until their philosophy changes the best I hope for is that these programs will only be ineffective at turning kids onto drugs.

The only thing not allowed in public schools is a discussion of Christianity or the Bible in a positive light; that would be against the law. It is bad enough that they teach our children to fornicate and how to use recreational drugs, but this is not enough for them. Any school that teaches children to worship the Aztex god of human sacrifice must be satanic:

2. Home schoolers can be taught the truth about evolution.

Public schools teach the theory of evolution as a fact. This push for evolution is to justify their removal of God from public life. Actually, I believe that it is fine to teach evolution in public schools. What needs to be done is for Christians to demand that they remove the lies from the textbooks. If educators removed all the lies from the textbooks, there would be no evolution left to teach.

Most Christians do not realize the danger of teaching evolution (I mean using lies to teach evolution). Charles Darwin and Alfred Kensey both along with countless others left the Christian faith as the result of believing the theory of evolution. Many of the most hardcore atheists, like Richard Dawkins, will never be saved because of their commitment to evolution.

John 5:46-47 ~ For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me [Jesus]: for he wrote of me. But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words?

Matthew 24:37 ~ But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

If the theory of evolution is a proven fact, why do public schools need to use things proven wrong by scientists in order to teach it? Icons of Evolution by Jonathan Wells, documents many of the lies used to teach evolution. In public schools evolution cannot be questioned because it is an effective tool used to remove the Lord from your child’s life.

If "Science is the search for truth" ~ Linus Pauling (winner of two Noble Peace Prizes) then you cannot censor those who disprove your theory.

3. Home schoolers receive individual attention

A bright child will not learn in a slow class because it will bore him. I heard once that as a child Albert Einstein received poor grades in school, Thomas Edison and Ben Franklin also dropped out, probably for this same reason. I can also give examples from my personal life. Also, when a class goes to fast for your child, he will not be able to properly learn either. Finally, when other children in the classroom misbehave, the teacher may end up spending more time babysitting than actually teaching.

For a brief period of my life I was a school bus driver. One day the children were out of control on my bus. I remember asking one child, "Do you kids behave like this in the classroom?". She answered me that they were much worse in Ms. (name withheld to protect the guilty) class.

Our children home schooled for about two to three hours a day. On the tests (that they were required to take for the state of Oregon), they scored (with the exception of a single test) in the 90 percentiles on the national average.

Home schoolers have no distractions; parents teach their own children at a level that the child can comprehend. They do not sit for extended periods in a room full of distractions or bad influences. They receive loving discipline instead of drugs (like Ritalin).

4. Home schooling costs a fraction of public schooling

It costs about $23,000 per year in New York, for each child to receive a public school education. A much better education at a private school costs far less. Look at our national debt and do the math, we are wasting tax dollars and mortgaging our children’s future.

If I had told you how little we spent home schooling we would have had a social worker come to our door. Yet now, all my children are adults and productive members of society. Children I am proud of.

Look at our national debt and do the math; we are mortgaging our children's future. In the beginning it may seem easier to send your children off to school, yet one day the Lord will ask us if we are faithful stewards. When he looks at us Americans, what will he think?

5. Home schoolers receive a better education

In our work with troubled young adults, we have found some sad facts. It is common for someone to get a high school diploma and yet, not be able to read it. We had an eighteen-year-old high school graduate who did not know that the body of water she lived thirty minutes away from her whole life was called the Pacific Ocean. We worked with one high school graduate who needed to count with her fingers in order to do basic addition.

Home schoolers in Oregon must test biannually. Up until last year (the year I wrote the first draft of this page), when the public school was caught, home schooled students were timed when they took the same tests that public school students took untimed. Do not expect public schools to teach your children honesty when the words, " Thou shalt not bear false witness" and "Thou shalt not steal" are banned from the classroom?

In 2007, two of our children tested for the state and they both earned a 99 percentiles in the national average, the highest score possible. Our youngest daughter did not miss a single problem (and they still only give a 99%). In 2009, the same children earned a 99 and 96 percentiles. The one that tested at 96 took the tenth grade level even though she was in the ninth grade. The lowest score any of our children have ever received was in the low eighties.

6. Home schoolers do not surrender parental rights

"Parents give up their rights when they drop the children off at public school."
-Federal District Judge Melinda Harmon (Harmon)

The above quote is from a case where, without the parents' knowledge, Texas school officials strip-searched a child looking for signs of paddling. The Judge appears to be saying that strip-searching is acceptable behavior in public schools, and that a Biblical form of discipline is not.

Proverbs 13:24 ~ He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him quickly.

In another example, in February of 2011, School officials at Taper Avenue Elementary in San Pedro California, committed a 6-year-old to a psychiatric ward against his parent's wishes after he drew a violent drawing at school and wrote that he wanted to die. In an interview, his mother said that the picture was from a video game he played and that he was not suicidal, rather he was depressed because his father was being deployed to Iraq.

If you live in California,

SB 543, signed by then Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2010, "allows school staff to remove children ages 12 and up from government schools and taken off-campus for counseling sessions, without parental permission or involvement." (Source:

In some counties, public school officials are openly hostile toward parents who challenge their authority. You can find countless examples of abuse by school officials; you only need to search the web if you are interested.

7. Home schoolers avoid psychiatric screenings

You do not need to be an expert to know that questionnaires not only gather information, screening tests also instruct. As a home schooler your child not only avoids being medicated, he also avoids being subjected to a teacher practicing psychology without a license. In a free country, it is never the role of the government to decide what thoughts and emotions are normal, especially in children.

In a public school, the teacher is no longer the focus of the children's attention. She is now a facilitator who wanders around the room, helping one child here, chatting with another there. She is also using the most irrational teaching methods ever devised by so-called educators: critical race theory, whole language, invented spelling, the new new-math, plus sensitivity training, values clarification, transcendental meditation, cooperative learning, death ed., sex ed., suicide ed. Teachers are more interested in the child's feelings, his sexuality, his family, his thoughts about death, suicide, abortion, feminism, homophobia, the environment, global warming and world citizenship than they are in teaching your child to read.

8. Home schoolers are socially adjusted children

Do you want children that can interact with people of different ages? Do you think that segregating children by age for extended periods of time will help children to adjust socially?

The segregating of children by age and the inability of the public educators to administer discipline makes public schooled children far more vulnerable to peer pressure.

9. Home schoolers do not suffer from teenage rebellion

Exodus 20:12 ~ Honor thy father and thy mother …

By the time you notice bad grades, it may be too late to remove your child from school. He has probably had bad companions for months if not years. As a teenager, all of my evil influences came from other teenagers that I met at school.

When i first wrote this it was the year 2011, and I have seven children. Two are still teenagers, the rest are in their twenties and all of them have always honored their father and mother. We have never had any teenager rebel. This is not an anomaly; other homeschooling parents that we know (with the same worldview), have also missed the experience of teenage rebellion. Maybe one source of teenage rebellion is the public school system.

As a school bus driver, I have seen many products of the public school system in my own neighborhood, my heart pours out to them. It may mean a sacrifice in personal comfort to have a stay at home mom, but I do not know any parents who have later regretted it. If you need help in starting to home school go to HSLDA, or email us .

10. Public schools are gun free zones

From the Dailywire:

According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, “gun free zones” (areas where guns are prohibited) have been the target of more than 98% of all mass shootings. This staggering number is why such designated areas are often referred to as “soft targets,” meaning unprotected and vulnerable.

"According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, only a little more than 1% of mass public shootings since 1950 have occurred in places that were not considered to be a gun-free zone,” reports The Blaze. “In fact, as Crime Prevention Research Center President John Lott Jr. noted in October 2015, only two mass shootings in the U.S. since 1950 have occurred in an area where citizens were not prohibited from carrying a gun."

Gun free school zones are based on the faulty theory that if teachers and administrators leave their guns at home mass murderers also will. In order to protect kids, public schools will have to become more and more like detention centers. Security guards, metal detectors, surveillance cameras, smart ID's that track the students location (this is already being done). It is not psychologically healthy for children to spend most of their waking hours in an environment that more and more resembles a military style detention center.

11. Parents know what their children are learning.

Part of being a parent is being responsible for what our children are learning. An article at shows how schools using a curriculum called CSCOPE have actually seen their test scores for algebra, reading, biology, etc, plummet; while at the same, their children are being brainwashed against a Christian worldview. But that is not all...


In addition to its controversial lesson content, CSCOPE has come under fire for secrecy and lack of transparency. CSCOPE has required teachers and districts to sign “User Agreements” that expose educators to litigation if lesson content or other instructional materials are shared with parents and the public.

CSCOPE argues that it should not have to release its tests for review or vetting by appropriate parties, claiming the tests are protected by “intellectual property” laws and that release would harm competitiveness.

As a father I would worry about harming our children before I would worry about harming their competitiveness (besides the curriculum hates free market capitalism anyway).

In another example; headlines from Yahoo News "School apologizes over pro-Nazi essay assignment"

The Albany Times Union reports that 10th-grade students at Albany High School were given the assignment as part of a critical thinking exercise [...] "You must argue that Jews are evil, and use solid rationale from government propaganda to convince me of your loyalty to the Third Reich!" say the assignment instructions for the five-paragraph essay.

Could you imagine what this school would do if a child wrote a similar essay against homosexuality? Yet they want our children to think like Nazis. This is crazy. The superintendent attributes the assignment to a new Common Core curriculum enacted by the state. What else is this new Common Core curriculum teaching the children?

Your children will not become racist.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream:

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed. We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.

I have a dream that one day out in the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slaveowners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.

I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by their character.

In public schools they teach Critical Race Throry. This has fanned the flames of racial hatred to what i would not have believed possible only a few years ago. If you share Martin Luther King's dream, take your children out of public school and teach them yourself.

Are public schools fixable?


But thanks to the covid-19 lockdown many parents have had a taste of homeschooling

Here is what Americans need to do:

1) Get rid of educators who are hostile toward God. The public schools do not need a statement of faith. They just need to renounce hate.

2) Get rid of the union control (the NEA). They have corrupted our government as well as our schools.

3) Get the Federal Government out of the public schools. Get rid of the government mandates. Our children are not political pawns.

4) Get the entire psychiatric community out of all our schools. Our children are not sacrificial offering to the God of Mammon.

5) Get rid of tenure. There are bad teachers out there, let's fire them.

6) Put a cap on the amount of money that schools spend on attorney fees. If the educators would stop going beyond their bounds, they would not have to spend millions defending themselves.

7) Forbid unlimited legal proceedings against families who are trying to raise godly children.

While you wait for this to happen, if you love your children, take them out of the public schools.


Twelve Reasons for Home Schooling Your Children is available as part of a longer study titled: Raising Children to Stay in the Faith

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